So, yeah, I like to write, mainly about Hetalia. And this is were I'll post most of it. I'm also on fanfiction, Foreverkinght. I will also post whatever else here, too.


The Cursed

A oneshot of PruCan. Based off of Maplevogel’s wonderful wendigo drawings! I had this on fanfiction for a while, so I am bringing it over.

Title: The Cursed

Rating: T (Blood, so just to be safe) 

Summery: Gilbert does something stupid and angers an ancient Algonquian God. Who was going to turn Gilbert into a Wendigo, a creature that lives by eating human flesh, but Matthew jumps in the way and gets turn instead of Gilbert. What will happen to their love?

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I love the rain

I love the rain, standing out in the cool water makes my worries roll away as the liquid washes over me. But the reason I love the rain more than that is because it can hide my tears.

I’d only come in when my mother yelled for me to “Get my ass inside before I came down with a cold!” but I’d laugh on the inside. For after standing the rain I felt lighter, more refreshed. It was a feeling that I treasured more than anything.

For years I would stand in the refreshing waters, getting soaked through, as my pain rolled out of my eyes and mixed with the rain. I saw nothing wrong with this. This was my way of releasing the pain that is caused from living.

Now that I am older, I have a new reason to love the rain.

Now when it rains I feel a pair of warm arms wrap around my waist. I smile. You keep my pains away. You show me the brighter side. With you with me I always know that there is some one that I love and can make me smile.

I love you, Gilbert Beilschmidt.